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looking to be a part of growing the wedding industry in Alaska?
we are looking for local business owners who are excited to grow the collective as a member of our leadership team
please email Rebecca at and let us know how and why you would like to be a part of the future Alaska Wedding Collective

This all began in the fall of 2016 with a styled shoot. Our team was so thrilled with the how it turned out that we decided to host a reveal party to show Anchorage just what an awesome, beautiful, creative city we live in... And it just blossomed into something bigger. And cooler. We all enjoyed a special night with a taste and see event with action stations.

For our leadership team and many of our contributors, we realized that there is a huge need in Alaska to show case exceptional wedding vendors producing products and services of that push the boundaries of the client's imagination. For many potential clients, there may be a belief that Alaska is behind the times, but we have a list of vendors who beg to differ! 

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photo credit: Erica Rose Photography @erosephoto